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Clarissa's catblog

Meow! I am Jane and Mojo’s cat, Clarissa. I’m a gorgeous (if I do say so myself) eight year-old Tortoiseshell Tabby cat. I asked Jane to take some pictures and video of me to share with all you cat lovers. I hope you like them!

My favorite!  Science Diet Savory Chicken 'specially made for mature kitties like me!

I love my Science Diet Savory Chicken cat food

The sun is so warm when I sit by the window

The sun is so warm when I sit by the window

In the evening I help Mojo with his laptop

In the evening I help Mojo with his laptop

Jane and I share the pillows. She gets the bottom corner (sometimes)

Jane and I share the pillows. She gets the bottom corner (sometimes)

Helping Mojo go to sleep. It's my job!

Helping Mojo go to sleep.

My favorite time of the day is when I wake up. The first thing I do is to see if Jane or Mojo are also awake. I meow at them to say “good morning, cat feeders”. Then I hop up on the bed and I walk all over their backs to remind them it is my breakfast time. That usually wakes one of them up.

Pretty soon I get a delicious breakfast of Science Diet cat food especially made for “mature” cats like me. One dish is soft and juicy and made from minced birds. The other dish is crunchy and made of bird by-products, whatever those are. Right now I am having some hairball issues and so my food helps me with that problem. It is sooo embarrassing.

I am an indoor cat, but I really like to look out the window. I have some “outdoor” friends who come round to visit me and we have so much fun together! We meow at each other, and make our tails really bushy so we look bigger than we really are. We fiercely swish our tails at each other. Then we make these wild roaring noises. I have no idea where I learned to do that. My wild cat ancestors must have passed that behavior down to me. How do I know, I’m just a cat. All I know is when I pounce on the sliding doors, my cat friends pounce back. It is sooo much fun!

When not eating and chatting with my friends, I spend a lot of my day on this really nice mohair blanket. It’s in the library and there is a big window there to look out of. Sometimes, I see Jane going to work, when I look out the window. She waves at me, and makes silly gestures to get my attention. It is sooo embarrassing. I sit there watching, and hope none of my friends see me. Then I have the house to myself, and head straight for a sunbeam.

In the morning, the sunbeams spread across my blanket which is on a table in the library. It is so comfy and warm on that blanket, that as soon as I stretch out, my little cat eyes get all heavy and I just can’t help it, but I take a nap right then and there.

I don’t have a lot of cat toys, but I do like my feathers. They are not really toys, more like tools I use to scratch my face and, oh, I guess I do play with them a little bit. They come from real birds, too. I like the big sea gull or wild turkey feathers the best, so if you find one, you can give it to Jane or Mojo, and they’ll see that I get it.

You can see me playing with my feather in this YouTube video. You can see a couple of my other feathers in the video too. One is from an owl. I wouldn’t want to be the one taking it off that owl, tho! They have really big claws, from what I see on TV. Note: the videos are all embedded at the end, so you don’t have to stop reading my blog unless you want to.

When Jane and Mojo get home from work, it’s play time! I have a really fun game I’ve trained them to play. I walk up the stairs, and meow. I stop on every step and meow down at them. I have trained them both to stop what ever they are doing, and follow me up and down the stairs, over and over again. I let them pet me, too. Then on the way down. I flop from stair to stair, and I have trained them to give me belly rubs on the way down. Here is a video of me going down the stairs.

After dinner we spend some quality time together. As soon as Mojo takes out his laptop to do a little work, that’s my clue to hop up on what is left of his lap. He really likes it when I do this. Then I usually head for the back of the chair or sofa and lick his head. When I do this for a long time, he gets a little rash on his head, but he lets me do it anyway. Here is video of our grooming process. It’s a little dark because we were watching TV at the same time.

Well, after grooming, it’s bedtime. I head back upstairs and get comfortable on the pillows. I leave a little room on the pillow for Jane. Then as soon as Mojo is falling asleep, I meow at him and knead his arm for awhile, while I purr really loudly. Then I go back to my other pillow for a few hours.

Well that pretty much sums up my day. If you have any questions, or want to know about anything else I am up to, just leave a note and I’ll try to answer it when I am not busy. But I gotta go now. It’s dinnertime!

Here is where I stand on the inhumane practice of declawing cats. I am against it and hope you are too!

And here are those cute videos of me:

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