October 2009
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Spooky Halloween Observing, 2014 edition

The ghoul on the moon

NGC 246 the Skull Nebula

IC 2118 Witch Head Nebula

It’s time to get out the Milky Way and Mars candy bars, the Moon Pies and the Starburst chews. It’s Halloween! The moon — just past first quarter — will greet your trick or treaters this year. A first quarter [...]

Another perfect stargazing night

Observing report, dark sky weekend, October, 2009, Chuckwalla Bench

A perfect night begins with Earth's shadow climbing in the east

One one side of the green van is the Imaging zone

On the other side of the green van is the visual observing zone

When the clear sky chart reads perfect, we can’t wait to get [...]

First Nations Astronomy - seeing the Cree and Ojibway Sky

Wilfred Buck at NYAA Starfest 2009

Ochek Atchakosuk – The Fisher Stars

Atima Atchakosuk – the dog stars with Polaris, Mihkun Atchakos, the wolf star

Matootisan – The Sweat Lodge

Matootisan Assiniuk – Sweat Lodge Rocks

Niska flying in the Summer Bird's Path (Milky Way)

Atchakosuk are the spirit lights up above. “All people [...]

LCROSS impact in crater Cabeus October 09 2009

Rough sketch of LCROSS impact area

finished sketch of Cabeus and environs

E. A. Whitaker 1954 sketch

Mojo and I started to setup his 14.5-inch f/4.8 Litebox reflector at 3:30 a.m. on LCROSS impact morning. There were marine layer clouds at that hour, but by the time we were set up it was clear [...]