July 2024
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The Chuckwallas of Amboy Crater

Once a year the Old Town Sidewalk Astronomers pack tents and telescopes and caravan to Black Canyon Group Campground in Mojave National Preserve, an hours drive from Amboy Crater and about 3 hours from home.

Once the tents are pitched we put on a star party with assistance from the National Preserve staff, leaders of the [...]

Halloween Sidewalk Astronomy - Tradition!

Hauling a telescope across the streets of San Francisco

Jane-Orion plus Canis Major and Canis Minor

Mojo demonstrating where to find Jupiter’s moons

Getting some eye candy

Sidewalk Astronomers have been setting up telescopes on Halloween as long as there have been sidewalk astronomers!

When we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’d cross the [...]

Spooky Halloween Observing, 2014 edition

The ghoul on the moon

NGC 246 the Skull Nebula

IC 2118 Witch Head Nebula

It’s time to get out the Milky Way and Mars candy bars, the Moon Pies and the Starburst chews. It’s Halloween! The moon — just past first quarter — will greet your trick or treaters this year. A first quarter [...]

9/11/09 My view of shuttle Discovery landing

Look for the shuttle to the right of the contrail in my photo (click on the image for full res version)

Shuttle and ground in one image. This photo and the rest of these photos courtesy of Gary Spiers

Space shuttle Discovery

Touchdown – twin dustplumes from gear touching down

Parachute deploys

NASADryden tweeted at [...]

Sidewalk Solar Astronomy

I’m Jane Houston Jones. During the work week, I’m a Senior Outreach Specialist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California where I coordinate informal education for the Cassini Mission to Saturn. It’s an exciting job, writing about Saturn, answering questions from the public, and working with museums and planetariums. I’m also the Twitter [...]