May 2024
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A Month of Moon views

Lunar Landing Site Chart – click for larger versions. Courtesy Lunar and Planetary Institute

My photo of a three day moon. East is at the bottom. Mare Crisium is the egg-shaped feature on east limb.

Here’s my photo of a five-six day moon, near first quarter. East is at bottom here too. The middle [...]

Chasing Galileo - 17/18-day old moon

Eighteen-day moon

The moon rises later each evening now. That means a late night for sketchers. Luckily my small 70mm Televue Ranger on a telepod mount requires no setup. I keep it permanently set up in the garage.

The features I’ve sketched on the 18-day moon begin with sunset on Mare Crisium – on the terminator [...]

Chasing Galileo - fourteen-day moon

fourteen-day (full) moon

The full moon rises as the sun sets on the 14th day of the lunar month. A small telescope, such as the 70mm f.8.7 Televue Ranger I’m using for this series of sketches is a perfect instrument for full moon viewing. So are binoculars. The moon is [...]

Chasing Galileo – sketches of the eleven-day moon

It’s showtime! Sunlight reveals most of the lunar surface and the moon is visible all night long.

Sinus Iridum — the Bay of Rainbows — is visible near the north part (left in my sketch) of the terminator. It’s the little half circle. The Jura Mountains ring the western edge and catch the [...]

Chasing Galileo – sketches of the nine-day moon

nine-day moon

Lunar creature features

Rabbit on the full moon

Night owls can enjoy the nine-day moon – it’s up all night long. In my sketch, the magnificent crater Copernicus is visible on the sunlit side of the terminator – on the right side of the lunar center. It looks so insignificant right now, but [...]