July 2020
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Moonrise over Chuckwalla Mountain

Moonrise over Chuckwalla Mountains July 3, 2010 about 11:30 p.m.

Third quarter moon, a half hour later

My small 70mm Televue Ranger was used for the moon images

Summer dark sky observing means short nights, and it’s usually too hot for comfort in the Colorado desert location we love. But Mojo and I decided [...]

A morning comet

Use a chart like this to locate where to look for your object

Can you find the constellation Perseus and comet McNaught in Mojo’s lovely skyscape?

Mojo's photo of Comet McNaught

Quick comet sketch with notes. See the long ion tail, the bright coma, and the short dust tail in my sketches

Comet C/2009 [...]

A Ten Planet Night

Jupiter: Past and Present Spots/Impacts

December 1690 sketch of new dark spot on Jupiter by G. D. Cassini and changes to the spot over 18 days

My first sketch of SL 9 impacts on Jupiter July 18, 1994.

My July 26, 2009 sketch of the impact on Jupiter, discovered by Anthony Wesley (upper left 11-o’clock spot)

Anthony Wesley's preliminary [...]

Stay strong and fight cancer

Today a friend told me about her mum. “She has cancer in her
bones, a long slow ticking time bomb” and my friend also also just found out yesterday her 48 year-old sister has breast cancer.

She wrote “I remembered how strong you were recently with Mojo and your sister’s cancer. How is your [...]

The Chuckwallas of Amboy Crater

Once a year the Old Town Sidewalk Astronomers pack tents and telescopes and caravan to Black Canyon Group Campground in Mojave National Preserve, an hours drive from Amboy Crater and about 3 hours from home.

Once the tents are pitched we put on a star party with assistance from the National Preserve staff, leaders of the [...]

Some thoughts about cancer

I’ve been thinking about cancer a lot more than I used to. Mojo was diagnosed with a small but clinically significant prostate cancer in September 2009. And that’s when I needed to know more about cancer. His diagnosis began with a routine blood test during his annual physical which indicated an elevated PSA (prostate [...]

A visit to the Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility

I’m putting my hands inside the neophrene gloves, which are now filled with nitrogen

Jane and JPL outreach colleagues give 3 lunar samples a thumbs up.

While attending the 41st Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference in The Woodlands, TX (a suburb of Houston) in early March 2010, I was lucky enough to visit the Johnson [...]

Driving a Tesla

Unique vehicles abound at JPL

I saw this car parked in front of my building at JPL last week

Checking out the Tesla’s trunk

Back at work after my 20 minute Tesla drive

Nikola Tesla’s laboratory, circa 1900

My favorite sign at JPL is this Rover Xing sign.

It is not unusual to see [...]

Clarissa's catblog

Meow! I am Jane and Mojo’s cat, Clarissa. I’m a gorgeous (if I do say so myself) eight year-old Tortoiseshell Tabby cat. I asked Jane to take some pictures and video of me to share with all you cat lovers. I hope you like them!

I love my Science Diet Savory Chicken cat food